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February 2002

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February 14

I'm tired tonight, but things are going well. It was a really busy day at work, with lots of client traffic in and out of the place. Even office dog Zoe was worn out. Several of her favorite humans came by to play.

We did have to interrupt things in late afternoon to go outside and greet Max. Max is another Golden Retriever, but his career as office dog in a neighboring law firm was short-lived. Max is just a little too young to take on the responsibilities. So he's going out in the country to live with a schoolteacher who has a really big yard at her house. Max's new job will be to watch the grass grow, and bark at it if necessary.

Since this was Max's last day on the law job, his lawyer-human was taking him around to say goodbye to all his buddies, human and canine. Max was looking quite dapper, wearing a blue and white bow on his collar. We all wished him well in his new situation.

After work, I came home and started in on some things I've put off all week, then got busy with e-mail. The good kind, not spam. There has been a lot of really nice e-mail this week, and I thank all who have written.

Mark, you're welcome for the wishes, and thank you for an idea---I think I may go the same direction you have regarding a contact form. And I hope you and your Valentine have a lovely weekend.

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