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February 2002

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February 7

I'm in a bad mood tonight. I'm tired, and I'm feeling particularly fragile. It's been a long, not particularly easy week, capped off by someone hurting my feelings tonight---perhaps inadvertently. But that was the last thing that sent me over into a much-needed weeping session.

I am reminded, however, even as I sit here writing, that other people have problems much larger than mine. There is a wee young man, struggling this night with illness. He is surrounded with lots of loving people, family and medical personnel, and a host of cyber people, too, all wishing him well.

I know firsthand how hard it can be to be on hospital "duty" as a family member. During the critical stages of why your loved one is hospitalized, you don't let yourself be unfindable. At least three people usually know if you've gone to the bathroom. You must be prepared to pick up at a moment's notice and go to the patient or go away from the patient, as medical needs arise.

Although the hospitals do try to make the families as comfortable as possible, it's a high-stress situation and rest is often elusive.

Tonight I hope that the family mentioned above can get some rest, and that they will soon have good news.

And my bad mood will go away, I promise.

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