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February 2002

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February 2

I've been thinking a lot recently about anger. Some of my thoughts have been about misdirected anger---that which is taken out on someone who has nothing to do with what the angry one is angry about. I am planning to give that topic space of its own soon.

And I've been thinking about how frighteningly strong anger can be. Make no mistake about that.

I keep a pretty tight hold on mine. I'm the sort of person who takes anger and ponders it for a bit, to see whether or not I have my facts straight and really do need to be angry. Sometimes the answer is no, I don't.

When that's the case, I take the energy from that anger and do something else with it---usually I play the piano, if you want to know.

It's always worked better for me to do things this way. Yes, sometimes it means I don't get a chance to express valid anger. But more often it means I don't wind up making myself look foolish.

And I place a much higher value on that, truth be told.

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