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January 2002

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January 30

Oh hey wow. I'm number one in yet another category on Google---this one is strange, and may be an example of what's being called Googlewhacking, which is where you combine unrelated words and hope Google gives you one result. Or, it may be someone in search of cooking tips.

Anyway, two times of late someone has searched for "grilled cheese pictures." And I got curious tonight, so I followed the link back to Google and saw my high rank. I'm number one out of ten, I think. And the page that has all three of those words is my Christmas entry. And no, you will not find pictures of grilled cheese nor any other food items on that page.

* * * * * * * * * * *

A friend of mine got in touch with me today to ask if I wanted to take on typing for an elderly gentleman who was having trouble using a typewriter. I said no, because it would have meant taking dictation over the phone and transcribing it, which I really do not care to attempt. I don't type that fast, for one thing, and my trying to take it down by hand and then transcribe it would wind up costing the man way too much money and me way too much time to make it worthwhile.

Back in my days at Non-Profit Agency #1, I did occasionally transcribe dictation (from a tape), usually letters from the agency head to someone else. But one time I was called on to transcribe a speech. I was not familiar with the name of a writer the agency head quoted a few times, but some of the thoughts expressed sounded rather like things I had learned in church. When I finished the transcription, I gave the speech to the agency head. He was reading through it and all of a sudden burst out laughing. Turns out that the writer, Jerry Miles, didn't exist except in my hearing. The quotes were from a modern translation of the book of Jeremiah. In the Bible.

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