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January 2002

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January 29

This is Zoe, who works in the law firm every day. I love the girl, and I particularly love the expression on her face in this shot.


Zoe likes to rest just outside Wendy's office. We think this is so she can keep both Wendy and me where she can see us without much effort. She can also pay attention to the comings and goings in the office, of those who work there and of the clients. That's important if part of your job is to greet the clients, of course.

But Zoe's favorite place to plop means sometimes we play a whole new game, "Jump Dog." I bet you can guess the easy rules. You have to pick the place to go across the dog so that you're least likely to upset her and yet most able to get to where you need to be. It's just easier than asking her to move. Of course, if there are clients in the office, we don't make them play. For them, Zoe gets up. But those of us who work there are used to the game by now, and play it pretty well.

Zoe has long since decided that she doesn't need to greet us every time we approach Wendy's office. She didn't want to be left out, though, in case any of us decide to do anything interesting. Having chosen her spot with great care, she misses nothing.

It's nice to have her watching.

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