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January 2002

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January 28

I like to do repair work, whether it's needlework (knitting or crocheting) or something sewn that needs the repairing. I like being able to make something whole again...not in the miracle sense of the word, of course, but in the sense of bringing together the pieces of something and putting them back into some form that's useable again.

I love it when a repair job is easier than the person who needs it thinks it will be. Today someone brought me a pillow that needs a seam restitched. This is a minor sewing project, and shouldn't take much time. But the person who brought it to me doesn't sew at all, and thought the pillow might well be ruined when she mentioned it to me last month. I was hoping that whatever was wrong was indeed something I could fix, period.

Today, when I saw it and realized the problem was simply that the thread that had been used to sew the seam had broken, I was enormously pleased to be able to tell her I could fix it easily.

I also like to make things from scratch. No, I don't mean cooking, I mean handwork projects. I'm just getting started on one now, and am looking at the supplies I have to see what (if anything) I'll need to buy before starting. I've said many times that perhaps my favorite part of crocheting is taking what amounts to a piece of string and making something from it. It brings me a great deal of pleasure to make something that's pretty (okay, that's a judgment call) and also functional.

But I like whimsy, too...

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