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January 2002

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January 23

This has been a very long day, with a lot more to do in it than usual. I'm tired, and at the moment am not too terribly far from cranky. I think I'll do us all a favor and cut this extremely short. Trust me---it's the best thing.

January 22

My author client, Erika Karres, was featured on a local news broadcast last night. The more I know of this lady, the more I admire her.

How I came to work with her in the first place is a bit serendipitous. I have a good friend who owns a business machines sales and service shop in Chapel Hill. He, of course, knew about my business, and is a big supporter of it. When one of his customers closed out the word-processing service end of her business, he suggested that she send any stray clients to me.

She did, and the first was Erika's husband, who is a semi-retired businessman. I met Erika when she came with him to pick up some letters I had typed. A few months later she needed some help with her first book, and our association began. I am enormously pleased that she trusts me to work with her.

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