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January 2002

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January 20

I'm sitting here thinking about an early influence on me. Way back when I was a little girl, the lady who babysat for me while my parents were working was a fan of several shows on daytime television. When those were on while I was awake, I watched along with her.

One of those shows was a homemaking show, aimed at housewives. Its hostess was a lady named Betty Feezor, and it was one of my favorite things in the world to watch. I learned quite a few things from that lady and that show. Among them, the thing I was doing tonight---winding yarn to make a ball that can be unwound from the inside. These days, with so much yarn coming in pull-skeins, that may not sound important. But if your yarn doesn't come in a pull-skein, it's a really handy bit of information.

I learned how to make some other things, like covered coat hangers, and to recognize certain needlework stitches. I learned how to fold fitted sheets. I learned certain points of etiquette. And I learned some things that went beyond those expected of a traditional housewife---like how to rewire a lamp. That has been valuable any number of times.

Mrs. Feezor had guest experts come in for some of the segments---like the rewiring one. On occasion, members of her family made appearances. There were the usual appearances by food experts, and cookbooks were sold every so often. She continued to teach, through her show and later through a newspaper column, until her death from cancer. She was held in high esteem, with good reason.

In many ways, Mrs. Feezor was a forerunner of Martha Stewart. Martha's ideas may cost more and come with many product tie-ins, but they're based on the same notion of having nice home environments.

Mrs. Feezor, during her final illness, wrote a memoir, A Life that Mattered. The book was named after a goal of have had such a life. She wanted to make sure that her time on earth did some good. I am absolutely certain that she succeeded.

January 19

Today has been one of much contemplation, since what I was otherwise doing allowed such to take place. Among other things on my mind has been the topic of misdirected anger. My thoughts on this are still forming themselves into words and sentences, but I hope to be able to write on it soon.

We've had an all-day rain, complete with cold weather and threats of freezing. I was glad I didn't need to go anywhere. Since I didn't, I haven't been outside the apartment all day. I have this hermit thing down pretty well now. Hmm...perhaps I should write a set of instructions.

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