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January 2002

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January 17

In this entry, Wendy tells about her friends Evil Twin and family, and how they need a new dog. In specific, they're on the lookout for a new Flat Coated Retriever. And in the scheme of the household, it is preferable that the new dog be female. The family is not planning to breed her---in fact, an already-spayed dog is just fine by them.

I can vouch for these people, and that they are good dog people, so I offered to help spread the message. And if you know of a breeder of these dogs, or know of one of these dogs who needs a good home, please let Wendy or me know. We will see to it that the information gets to Wendy's Evil Twin and his family.

And in case you have no idea what sort of dog this is, this site has some good information (link shamelessly snitched from Wendy).

On another dog note, yes, I will be doing the repairs for the lady with the puppy-munched afghan. When she sent me the afghan pictures this morning, she also included a picture of the perpetrator. He is a German Shepherd, and absolutely adorable. In the shot he has the guiltiest expression on his face. And he really did manage to do some serious munching on the corner of the afghan. But I'm sure I can fix it. I hope by the time I send it back he will have learned that blankies are for snuggling, not chewing.

Most of my non-law-firm time this week has been spent on a research project. It's going well, but is taking longer than I thought it would. There's another project after this one, and a small crochet project to work on before the repair job. All together, these things are guaranteed to keep me out of mischief, at least for the immediate future.

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