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January 2002

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January 16

I have a new friend, Mark, who paid me the honor of applying earlier this week. I tend to enjoy being friends with people who have the ability to make me think. And this man does. He has a way with words, and an obvious appreciation for them, that I particularly like.

As I told him, I tend to be incredibly picky about calling people friends. I just don't say it until I'm sure I mean it. It has saved me a lot of grief over the years to follow that self-imposed rule. I tend to pay pretty close attention to words, too.

I got a handwork repair request today from someone whose puppy decided a granny-square afghan looked like a wonderful snack and munched his way through two of the squares. I told the lady that I would probably be able to help her, and would give her an answer as to whether I could, and an estimate, after seeing pictures (which she will send soon). I haven't seen puppy damage in a long time, but I do know it can be a challenge to teach animals the difference between "chewable" and "appropriate to chew."

For some reason, this has been one of those weeks in which it has been hard to keep the days straight. I've done okay with the dates, but I could have sworn today was Tuesday. I think I have that sorted out now. If not, I'll probably figure it out on Saturday if I show up to work and no one else is there.

Hope your days are going well, whatever you think they are.

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