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November 2001

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November 30

Wrapping up the week: Zoe is making a beautiful transition to office dog. She's a very, very smart girl, and learns very quickly. Of course, her spot in Aunt Becky's heart was secure long before she started working, and I'm delighted to have her around.

I had a very good visit Thursday night with my cousin George. We got together to celebrate our recent birthdays, and to get caught up with each other. We went out for dinner, and had a good, long talk. It was the sort of evening I love---good company and good food.

Not everything was happy in the last few days, though. A group to which I belong has a message board set up for group use. It is hosted on Network 54, which has decided to try an amazingly brazen set of intrusive pitches to entice people into upgrading to the paid version. Oh yeah. Annoy me and see how fast I buy what you're selling. Unless, of course, some marketing genius has done a survey to discover that pissing people off is the way to get more business, in which case that explains the slow sales at my business sites, since I try to be nice.

November 29

Revisiting a good idea---and a timely reminder. Bev and Saundra have both reminded all of us that 'tis the season to do something other than give money to the Salvation Army.

The suggestion is to put cards in those red kettles stating why you aren't donating. In case you're stumped for words for the cards, just say something like, "Your organization discriminates in hiring; I donate to those that don't." A card the size of a business card should work just fine.

And this man has asked the Faithful to ignore pleas to withhold donations. From his point of view, it makes sense; if you won't support one group of discriminators, well....

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