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November 2001

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November 29

Revisiting a good idea---and a timely reminder. Bev and Saundra have both reminded all of us that 'tis the season to do something other than give money to the Salvation Army.

The suggestion is to put cards in those red kettles stating why you aren't donating. In case you're stumped for words for the cards, just say something like, "Your organization discriminates in hiring; I donate to those that don't." A card the size of a business card should work just fine.

And this man has asked the Faithful to ignore pleas to withhold donations. From his point of view, it makes sense; if you won't support one group of discriminators, well....

November 28

The law firm where I work administers estates occasionally. I have gotten used to getting mail for dead people, but I got a phone call for one of our deceased clients yesterday. At first, I thought it was someone calling about a claim against the estate. The attorney handling that one was not in the office, so I offered to take a message.

The caller got smart-alecky with me and wanted to know why I wanted him to speak with an attorney. At that point I began to suspect that he didn't know the man he had asked to speak with was dead. And I wasn't at all sure it was allowed for me to tell him (it would have been, but I didn't know that at the time). So I merely said that the gentleman was not available.

Then the caller told me the true nature of his call: he wanted to know who was making decisions about this gentleman's long distance telephone service. I decided that I was the person in charge of that, and said we weren't interested in changing carriers.

At that point I hung up, because there just wasn't anything else to say.

But let that be fair warning: even death doesn't prevent you from getting telemarketing calls.

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