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November 2001

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November 24

Today was catch-up-with-me day. I have been a little lazy. I slept late, after staying up late trying to learn how to do something. The lateness of the beginning of my day threw some kinks in the plans, but that was okay. At least I remembered I needed to go to the grocery store for bread.

After getting settled in with the bread, I did a little housework, then settled in for crocheting. And some thinking about future projects. Not exactly the way I had thought I might spend the day, but a good one, nonetheless.

It was a quiet day, which I needed. Hope your day has suited your needs, too.

November 23

I went today to pick up a package at the local Post Office, my very own copy of A German Tale. The author, Erika Karres, is a delightful woman who trusts me to do online research for her. I did not do research for this book---it is her memoir, and no research was needed.

Along with reading Erika's book, which I'm just starting, there are several projects going this weekend in Beckyland. There's some crocheting, there's a page being done for an online yard sale, and the usual humdrum of housework. If you've guessed that housework will be getting shortest shrift, you're right!

November 22

Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving. My plans for the day this year are non-traditional---they don't involve food, friends, family, or parades. It will be a quiet day. And that's okay. I have some things that need doing, and have declared Thursday the day they will be done.

So much of this year has been depressing for me. Financially, it has been very scary. Business has not been that good. Craft sales for me and for most of the people I know are down; my other private work has had high and low points, more low than high, in terms of making money, and there have been some personal unpleasant things. In the middle of all this, it's hard to come up with a list of things to be thankful for.

But I do have one. I am thankful for friendships deepened, for acquaintances who have become good friends, for the pleasures of going back to work at the law firm, for the privilege of spending time with Robbie.

I am thankful that my health is good, allergy troubles and bad back notwithstanding, and that I have food and a warm place to be tonight. And I'm thankful that people come to read what I write, and that some respond to what they have read. I've had some delightful mail prompted by the birthday entry (though no applicants yet), and a whole lot of mail over the year from people who read one thing that touched them and wrote to respond.

An aside here: I see negative comments in many journals on the subject of getting mail from people who have only read one entry. On one level, I agree that's not a smart thing to do---but on another level, it is the exact right thing to do. If something in a specific entry touches someone, I love getting mail about it, so long as the correspondent doesn't assume my whole site or life is just exactly like whatever that entry was about.

To those who have suffered losses this year: my heart is with you. To those for whom this traditional day of thanks brings more of a list of things that are wrong than right, my heart is with you. And to those of you for whom this day is filled with family or friends and much happiness, my heart is with you, too.

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