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November 2001

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November 17

I've spent a lot of time working on the updates to a page on my Rebeccaworks site, for the crafters links. The list was recently redone, but to make it work with my site, I had to go in and strip out some coding. Then I got the notion that it would make my life ever so much easier if the list were in alphabetical order. And I couldn't let it go up without making a few corrections to the items people had submitted.

For the uninitiated: I proofread for a living. In personal sites (like this one), I make allowances for personal style, and don't get too upset over errors (though I do notice them; can't help it). But in business sites, I am turned completely off by certain things that some people persist in thinking is somehow elegant.

For instance: you do not modify the word, "unique." Something is not "very" unique. It either is unique or it isn't. For another instance: crafts items you make are not made by "myself," unless in stating that you mean you're in a room alone crafting while the rest of the world goes on without you. If you mean that you have made the item, the correct way of saying so is to say it without the reflexive pronoun.

Here's a hint: if you want me to buy something from you, start out with correct language. Otherwise, I'll think you're as careless with your product as you are with your words, and I won't buy it.

Don't go looking for the corrected page till Sunday night at the earliest. Now that I've made the changes, I need to go back to the master list and make sure I have included all the sites. That won't happen till tomorrow.

Since I apparently wasn't having enough fun, I went to the grocery store without paying attention to the time. That meant I got out on the road a few minutes after the end of the Carolina-Duke football game. Everyone who attended apparently drove to Chapel Hill in three separate cars. After the game, they apparently all wanted to go to the same grocery store I was patronizing, too. And the trio who were in the drug store next door having giggle fits over personal products (which they were cleverly tossing to each other in the middle of an aisle) should live long enough to need to use the same things they found so amusing.

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