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November 9, 2001

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A Semantic Thought

I don't say some things lightly. Even things that are apparently socially acceptable to say. Pretty high on that list is any variation on "I love you."

Some people think it's sad that in English we don't have a variety of words to cover the notion of love. And sometimes I agree with that. Most of the time, though, I'd rather take the time to make it clear to a loved one which way I mean the word. Which is one very good reason I don't use it lightly.

I don't always know how to react when someone tells me that I am loved. Especially if it's someone that I don't think knows me well enough to begin to know whether or not I'm what they consider loveable.

I know my manners well enough to say thank you, but I usually want to ask why they think they love me. Which would not be a kind thing to do, since the other person is trying to say something nice.

But if I'm not sure I can say it honestly at the time, I do my best to refrain from saying that I reciprocate. I wait till I'm sure.

Before you decide I'm antisocial or something, that's not the case.

I just don't want something as lovely as loving someone, no matter how you love that person, to be cheapened.

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