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November 5, 2001

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More Weirdness

Apparently I'm very popular today. I got a lovely telephone message this morning, from a woman named Anita. After saying, "Becky, this is Anita," she said she was wondering how I was doing, and hoping I was fine. She went on to say they were hoping I'd be joining them for Thanksgiving. She finished by asking me to call her, and saying that she'd keep trying to reach me.

Well, Anita, I'm doing pretty well, thanks, and hope you are. But I can't return your call, because I don't have any idea who you are, and you didn't leave a number. And since I'm pretty sure we're strangers, I really don't think I'll come for Thanksgiving. Hope you'll understand.

I've been searching my brain today, and to the best of my recollection, I only ever met two women named Anita. One was a very little girl when I knew her, and I was a teenager. She was the niece of my next-door neighbors. I used to babysit when Anita, her sister, and their parents came to visit my hometown.

The other one is a few years older than I, and is the sister of a classmate of mine. I'm sure I haven't seen her in the past ten years, at least.

I hope the calling Anita gets the right Becky soon. She sounded really nice, and the invitation will most likely be appreciated.

After work this afternoon, I checked my journal e-mail. There was a question from someone who wanted to know if the netives site was down. That's the site where one goes to play Marbles, among other games. The writer had done a search for the game and the domain, according to my referrer logs. He read (or at least went to) this entry, and apparently decided that meant I had some knowledge about the site.

I wrote back, and said apparently it was down, since I haven't been able to get in to play since late last week. But I'm still at a loss as to why he wrote me.

This is getting silly. First I get the call from the lady trying to find a former Dean at a college in the eastern part of North Carolina, then I get e-mail asking if I'd like to lease space for a sex club, then Anita's call, followed by the Marbles man's note.

I'm wondering who I won't be next.

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