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October 29, 2001

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So I wake up on Sunday, having enjoyed my extra hour, and get an interesting offer in e-mail. I have been offered a chance to start a sex club. Apparently, from the offer, I could aim this at any subset of the population in San Francisco that I choose. The man who owns the building where the club would be located said that at times it has housed clubs for gays, lesbians, and a mixture of males and females. Don't know exactly what he meant by that, but whatever.

He went on to describe all the features the building has, and told me its location (which does have one plus: it's close enough that were I to take him up on it, I'd get to see David fairly often). He then mentioned the rental. On a yearly basis, I could afford about two square feet of it, without going deeper into debt.

Since I have never indicated any interest in starting a sex club (but hey---using the words will get me some interesting visitors, now won't it?), I'm not sure why he thought I would want to do such thing. He did use this site's e-mail address to reach me, by the way. I have come to the conclusion that he must not be using any reading skills, since someone who reads my site would realize that I have no plans to move, and that my skills don't particularly lend themselves to running such a place.

I may know a few things about porn sites, but they're a whole nother thing. Oh, and since I periodically mention that I'm close to flat broke, you'd think if he read that he'd figure out that I don't have the start-up money handy.

And damned if I'll go ask my banker for a loan for that!

Oh, and there are a lot of other reasons I don't want to run a sex club, not the least of which is that there are some situations in which I would rather not be the hostess...

Let's see --- lack of interest, lack of money, lack of willingness...guess that means I won't be taking him up on this deal.

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