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October 21, 2001

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Sunday Night Thoughts

Things wandering around in my mind tonight:

---I don't get too worked up over secular politics (local, state, or national) because I've seen church politics going on around me for a lot of years. If you've never had the pleasure, trust me: it's not pretty.

---I have met the man doing the renovation work in the office suite upstairs from the law firm, and though I know his name, I still call him the hammer man. He actually is very nice, but ye gods is that a noisy project. He's at the finishing-up stages now, in case you've wondered.

---My idea of comfort food changes every so often. More accurately, the preferred comfort food changes. This month, it's peanut butter.

---One of the real blessings of my life is a car repair place I trust. And yes, Katie's back and working like a charm. She did need a new alternator.

---One way you can tell we're having our usual season-change temperature shifts up and down is that people you see out shopping are either wearing sweatshirts and shorts or t-shirts and sweat pants. Depends on what part of you gets colder, I guess.

---Sunday nights go by way too fast.

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