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October 20, 2001

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The Daily Trivia

Last night the people who host two of my domains took down their e-mail server for a bit, to do some improving. That sounds like a good idea, but I do believe somebody made a mistake. Either that, or all my notify mail has gone astray. I tried sending something to myself at that address, and it showed up, so I hope the problem is solved. But you never quite know. It's hard to prove a negative.

But I did manage to prove a negative today: I proved a diskette indeed was not where I didn't think it was. Okay, that was cumbersome! What I did was start looking for something somewhere I didn't think I'd find it---but where it might have been. You know--just in case this inanimate object migrated across the room to where it didn't belong. Or in case I had dropped it and didn't realize that was where it landed.

Along the way to not finding it, I decided to check all the diskettes I have. There were quite a few that could be reformatted. And that's what I did with part of the day---reformatted floppy diskettes.

Then came the barrage of e-mail from strangers. It seems a glitch developed in the mailing list that the domain host (see above) uses for announcements to customers, and people were able to post to what had been an announce-only list. I'm not sure what the first person who mailed the group wanted---he mentioned having missed the last post. Then people started writing to ask what he meant, then other people started writing to ask why they were getting messages from strangers, and on and on and on. It got to the point that I spent more time deleting mail than reading. But that seems to have stopped.

And the rest of the day has been normal.

There you have the daily trivia.

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