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October 11, 2001

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On My Mind...

This may be the weekend I clean house. I haven't done enough cleaning lately, and the clutter is beginning to get on my nerves. That's what usually gets me going on a cleaning spree, by the way. That, or the threat of company of the sort allowed beyond the living room.

There is also some mending to be done. I like to do that, when I have the time. I for some reason have always enjoyed hand sewing somewhat more than using a machine, probably for some control issues I don't want to admit in public! And most of my mending is of things that are usually done by hand---like reattaching a button.

Actually, I enjoy working with my hands. I certainly don't want to discount the value of machines. I do love working on my computer, after all! But then again, it's also handwork to sit here and type. And I certainly like having word processing and photocopying at my disposal, rather than having to type solely on a typewriter and make carbon copies.

There are times I would love to have a bread machine, but I'm afraid I'd enjoy it too much. Something about hot bread makes me hungry, even if I've recently eaten.

But if they ever perfect the housecleaning robot...

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