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October 2, 2001

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Generally Busy

In the generally busy day that today has been, I got a lot accomplished. The day included some heavy-duty computer work at the law firm, and stopping what I was doing in mid-project to go make sure Robbie the Golden was okay. That happened because there were painters outside.

Hush now, that does too make sense. I was working at my computer at the law firm, and Robbie was curled up under the credenza in Wendy's office. Wendy was at lunch, and the place was otherwise relatively quiet. The painters were working on the building trim, and for reasons known only unto themselves, waited till today to find something in need of scraping.

The scraping they were doing was outside and above Wendy's office window. And it sounded for all the world like the stressful panting Robbie goes into if he's heading into a seizure. Robbie did have a seizure on Monday, so we were keeping an extra-careful watch on him today. The painters were only scraping intermittently, so about four times I jumped out of my chair and went to make sure Robbie was okay. Of course, he was sound asleep, and not panting at all.

You might wonder why I didn't move me into her office for the duration, or move Robbie out to my desk, which is at the upper end of the lobby area. Well, mainly because I needed the specific documents on my computer, and he's a very large dog to move unless moving is his idea. I did consider both things.

But I have a workable solution. I told Wendy that if the painters started scraping again tomorrow, I was going out to tell them they had to do something else until she was back from lunch. I see the logic in that, Wendy sees the logic in that, and the painters will just have to deal.

I will make sure they understand that the alternative is a shreiking secretary.

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