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October 1, 2001

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Part of the Mystery Solved

Today I heard again from the lady who called last week from the college in the eastern part of the state. I was mistaken about the purpose of her call, and have had an interesting exchange with her. She still had the wrong person, but at least now I know why she was calling.

In the first call, she referred to my having "finished" at the school, and said that she was getting in touch with alumni. That led me to believe it was a fund-raiser. When she left the message today, she left more information, including that she was calling regarding arrangements for the school's celebration of its fortieth anniversary. She wanted me to be part of the program.

Although she left a phone number when she called today, I decided to take a moment to check for an e-mail address on the school's website. I have a cheap streak when it comes to returning long-distance wrong-number calls. In this instance, though, I would have made the call had e-mail not been an option. By this point I was thoroughly intrigued.

When I found her name and e-mail address on the school's site, I also found that she was director of the school's learning resources center---a.k.a. library. My late Aunt Rebecca, who also shared my last name, had had a similar job at another college. I thought perhaps the caller was trying to reach my aunt.

I sent e-mail to the caller, saying that I was not the Rebecca she was seeking, and that if she were perhaps trying to reach my aunt, I regretted to inform her of my aunt's death.

A bit later in the day there was a reply from the caller, thanking me for letting her know she was calling the wrong Rebecca, and going on to say that the person she was seeking had been Dean of Students there a number of years ago. Someone helping her had apparently done a search on the name and found my phone number.

I'm glad the caller replied, and told me which Rebecca she was seeking. It's nice to know the solution to my part of this mystery! I hope she is successful in contacting the right Rebecca.

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