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September 2, 2001

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I am looking forward to the online crafts fair that starts on Tuesday (pimp, pimp). It will be fun to participate, and I hope profitable, as well. The worst that happens is that my friends all get handmade things for Christmas. They probably will, anyway, now that I think about it.

I love to make things. I have said before that I love to crochet because it is taking what amounts to a piece of string and making something from it. Something that will last, and be useful or decorative or both. I love to do other crafts things, too, including my Anyday Ornaments.

A few years ago, a friend of mine started a vest-making business by accident. She liked vests, and made several for herself. Then she made several to give as gifts to family members. People saw them, either on her or on family members, and started asking if she would make vests for them, too. She did, and thus started the business. She has thoroughly enjoyed it, and her customers come back for more from year to year.

My crafts business has had a small start, but a happy one. I've enjoyed the work. And I'm hoping the crafts fair will help it be better known. Wish me luck!

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