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June 28, 2001

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How Goes the Battle?

Back in the days when I was working at Non-Profit #1, there was a weekly visitor to my executive in the agency whose own office was elsewhere. He knew there were moments when my job was difficult, so his first question, each time he saw me, was "How goes the battle?" I always told him it was going well, or something along those lines. That was a signal to both of us that he had time to sit with me and drink coffee, and that I had time to stop what I was doing for a coffee break.

Whenever I thought of that line about the battle, I had visions of myself standing in the entryway to the Agency, wearing some sort of armor and holding a sword, so I could defend the place from harm. A little like this, only with more armor. This is the dressy version...

Becky's ego...

That memory came back last night when I started playing with the program that made the image above. A group of people in this thread over at ThreeWay Action are having fun generating images with the Hero Machine.

I needed some help saving the generated image, so I called on Jared (whose journal seems to be missing at the moment; I'll check on that), who was most gracious in offering and whose help is appreciated.

Go make a figure of your own! The program is free for personal use.

Oh---and the battle? It's still going pretty well, thanks!

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