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August 1, 2001

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A Wonderful Day

I have had a wonderful day that only included one thing I planned to do with it --- since it was the first of the month, I planned to take the rent payment to the office, and that indeed did happen. But I am absolutely not complaining about the changed plans.

Instead of running the errands I had thought I would, I wound up in correspondence with two people about some efforts regarding my Counsel Giver work. I'll give you more details when they're completely ironed out, but I will say now that I am very pleased and honored to be asked to participate.

This all came about because someone who knew me and also knew the others involved thought we would be of mutual benefit, and introduced me to the other two, virtually, of course.

One of the things I live about the Internet is the speed with which things like this can take place, at very little cost. One of the two people with whom I'm corresponding is in North Carolina, but several hours away from me. The other person is in California. Imagine the lag time if we were doing all our corresponding by snail mail. We could have done the corresponding over the phone or fax, of course, but it was just so much easier to use e-mail.

One of the more fun things I was asked to do was provide a biographical sketch of myself. I am utterly not used to describing myself in the third person, but Becky found that she was up to the challenge. (Sorry, couldn't resist!)

All in all, a day I'm glad I had.

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