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July 26, 2001

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This has been the busiest week I've had all summer. It was good-busy, not the kind I'd object to having occur more times. But at the same time, it was busy.

Which of course means that one of my cousins, to whom I had casually mentioned early in June that I would be willing to HELP with a family website, decided that I would DO the website and that she would "help" me. I got e-mail from her in which she all but ordered me to do the thing this week.

Mercifully for her, that struck me funny. So I'm still willing to help with the project, she hasn't needed emergency medical care, and I don't need anyone to bail me out on assault charges.

I am not going to take her up on her offer of helping me. I don't see how she could, being as how she knows virtually nothing about websites including what goes on them. That was one of the questions she asked in her note.

I guess she could watch me type, but I don't need or want an audience for that. And I don't need affirmation that I have mad FTP skills, so I don't think I'll ask her to come here and watch me transfer data.

No, I haven't answered her note yet. I figured I'd wait till I was through with the work I was doing for my client, (which I did finish today) and with the rest of the stuff on my own agenda for the week. That, quite frankly, means housework and long naps for tomorrow; emphasis on the naps part.

If there's time left after the napping, I may start an answer to her. But then again, mid-August sounds like soon enough...unless I'm busy.

* * * * * * * * * * *

The treat for today was a visit with Wendy and the Golden boy Robbie. Wendy needed to drop something off for me, and made arrangements to do so on the way home after work. Even though they couldn't stay long, I was glad to get to see them.

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