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July 25, 2001

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Dormitory Action

At one point tonight I had three of the four computers in the dormitory opened and cranking stuff out. I needed a .jpg image from computer 3, to include in a project I'm working on on computer 4, and computer 2 was attached to the printer so a document could be printed using the correct software (which I only have on that computer). I didn't need computer 1 right that minute, so I left it in its case.

The second of the four needs some serious work. Oh, computerally (I can too invent words) it's fine. But it developed a weird problem---at least it's weird to me. It's a notebook, and the support brackets for the monitor (lid) broke. So now, if you want to use it, you have to prop the monitor against something so you can see the screen. And you also have to remember things like air space so the machine won't overheat. This means some truly creative propping. And it makes me truly grateful to have another notebook to use AS a notebook, on my lap wherever I please.

In case you're curious, I don't know if it's fixable. I do know it's under a full-replacement warranty, and as soon as I have time to get all the files from it that I need, I'm taking it in.

I had computer 2 propped against the bookcase that serves as a credenza on my desk, and computer 3's monitor is also on that desk. Computer 4 was across the room, on my bed. And computer 1 was, of course, in its case under the desk.

As I write this, the other computers are off dreaming their little bit-byte dreams, and this one will join them after finishing some other things for me.

Oh---regarding the Dust Bunnies; I believe I have them stumped. I finished the reconstruction of the file I needed without letting on what I was doing. So they can keep the diskette till they get tired of guarding it.

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