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July 24, 2001

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The Dust Bunnies

The Dust Bunnies have taken possession of a computer diskette in Beckyland. It must be the Dust Bunnies. The diskette is missing, and there have been no magicians in house since the last time the thing was in my hands.

And it's a diskette I particularly need. A client asked today for information in one of the files on the diskette, which is filled with the backup of files I did for that client last year. I could reconstruct it, but I really don't want to do that.

But I think I'll start on a reconstruction, just to trick the Dust Bunnies into thinking they have me whipped. I remember part of the information off the top of my head, and know where to find the rest of it. If I start, the Dust Bunnies holding the diskette hostage may just relent and bring it back to me.

These Dust Bunnies are the babies of a few parent pairs who escaped the Fourth of July roundup, and they're angry at me for making their aunts and uncles and cousins and grandparents move to a new location called the County Landfill. The current crop doesn't understand that the ones who moved to that great new space are enjoying the bright light of the sun and the cool nights outdoors. For the ones who moved, it's a permanent state of vacation pleasure, with no worry about coming home to resume any drudgery related to being a Dust Bunny.

But the younger crowd doesn't see it that way. They are annoyed that I made what they saw as a huge, wonderful family split into two segments; the ones still residing in Beckyland (and multiplying happily, I might add), and the ones forced to live Far Away.

So the youngsters have taken possession of my diskette, and cruelly, have left its mate (which is slowly being filled with backups of a newer set of files from the same client) all alone in the diskette keeper. And they have had me go on a hunting expedition through the wilds of my apartment, searching for ransom notes and such.

I don't have more time to devote to the search. I have some other work that needs completing. So I'll start on my reconstruction, and let the Dust Bunnies think they have me whipped into submission. I might even let them actually win this battle.

Letting them win, of course, means that I agree never to make another Dust Bunny move to new quarters.

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