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July 23, 2001

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Considering that the vast majority of the mail that came to my old AOL account was spam, I find it amusing that they pride themselves so very much on spam control.

Considering that all but one piece of mail that has ever come to me at Hotmail (excluding the few things I've sent myself to make sure the account was open and stayed that way), I find their spam controls amusing, too.

Considering that Microsoft owns both products, I find it less than amusing that Word and Works don't cooperate better than they do. For the record, I like Works better.

Considering that I do quite a bit of work that involves word processing, it may not surprise you at all to learn that my favorite in that market is WordPerfect.

Considering that I work from home, it probably does not surprise you that I sometimes spend all day in the apartment, working on some project or other.

And considering that I've been working on a couple of projects that involve typing all day, it will probably not surprise you at all that this is going to be a short entry!

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