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July 21, 2001

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Come Home and Laugh

For some reason, I remembered this today.

A lot of years ago, a friend asked for my recipe for cheese wafers. In case you don't know for sure which kind I mean, think very small and round and not very thick at all. My friend wanted to use them for a special occasion in her family, and I was pleased that she liked mine enought to want the recipe....which I had modified a bit from one another friend gave me.

Well, a day or so after the special family occasion, my friend invited me over to visit, and I went. She had leftover cheese wafers, and served them. I took one look and didn't wonder why she had them left over. A taste confirmed what I had suspected on that first glance---she had put entirely too much dough into each one, and they looked and tasted gooey. This was a recipe where you were supposed to flatten the dough, but she had taken about twice the usual amount of dough and left it in a blob.

Of course, she had announced to any who would listen that she had used my recipe. And I was truly grateful that except for her immediate family, I didn't know anyone who had been at the party. Her immediate family knew what the things were supposed to taste like, and figured my friend had tinkered unmercifully.

Sometimes, all you can do is just come home and laugh.

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