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July 11, 2001

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Me Three

I said back in February that I thought the notion of providing Federal funding to faith-based charities sucked. And I still do. If this actually winds up being legislated into existence, I suspect there will be lawsuits aplenty the first time discrimination happens...and it will happen.

But the latest bit of news on that front, about the situation with the Salvation Army and discrimination against gays and whomever else they might choose not to hire, has prompted this idea from Bev Sykes, and this agreement from Saundra. And I'm saying me three. The notion is not to merely refrain from supporting an organization whose policies I cannot condone, but to let them know where my support goes.

To recap briefly, the idea Bev has is to make up some little cards that you can put in the donation bucket when the bells are rung at you. The card would have on it a message detailing your disagreement with their policies, and saying that you plan to donate to an organization that does not practice discrimination.

Both Bev and Saundra have stated the case well. All I need to say is I agree. Me three.

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