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July 10, 2001

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I Could Rant...

There are things I could rant about tonight, if it weren't too hot outside to get that worked up.

For instance, I could really go off on my bank. I chose that bank several years ago, to get away from one that had gotten greedy in terms of fees. This one is getting to be almost as bad, though its sins are more in terms of marketing the unnecessary. They did raise fees about a year ago, but made a provision for avoiding the fees that I can live with. Today, though, I got another piece of junk mail from them.

It was written in that dramatic style that gets overused these days; warning of some dire consequence if you don't act right this minute. What would go wrong if I didn't act this time? Why, I'd miss my chance to sign up for having my credit report mailed to me every two months. The first report would be free, I learned, upon scanning the nice big bold print.

And ungrateful me, I read beyond the word, "free," suspecting there might just be a catch to this. And you know what? I was right! They wanted money for the subsequent ones. I would tell you how much, but I was too busy tearing the thing into small pieces to pay attention to the amount.

The first sentence, though, did say they were awaiting my response. Well, they'll just have to keep "awaiting" it.

I don't think they would appreciate what I'd have to say.

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