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July 9, 2001

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Well Done

When someone does something right, I like to say so. Tonight, I'm going to tell you a pleasant thing that happened this morning.

I've recently stopped using my old ISP except on a very limited basis, and am arranging for all e-mail to come to me at a new address (don't worry; the one on this site is valid). This is sometimes tricky to accomplish when the e-mail is a newsletter, since most of them don't have a handy way to change an address. The easiest way is usually to subscribe at the new one, then unsubscribe at the old.

I was trying to do that this morning with the tips of the day from the people at RealAge, a group that provides information on keeping oneself healthy. But their sign-up form was having a bad day.

Every time I tried to submit the thing, it told me I didn't exist in their database and would need to sign up again. After the third time, I sent e-mail to their customer service people, explaining what I was attempting to do and asking if they could either do it for me or give me some advice.

A couple of hours later, I got a response from a customer service manager, saying that my address had been changed, that they appreciated my interest in their newsletter, and that should I wish to visit the site, my prior password would still give me access to the members-only areas. And sure enough, today's newsletter arrived at the new address, right on time.

We hear a lot of bad customer service tales these days. I thought you might like to hear a nice one for a change.

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