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July 8, 2001

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Post No Bills---or Chain Letters

Well, I have finally arrived. I now know my message board is one of the bigger kids on the message board block. This morning I woke up to find spam posted on the board.

Someone took me up on my invitation to start your own topic, and did just that. The message was well over a screen's worth long, and had to do with some way of making money. I noticed that down toward the bottom of it, it seemed to have morphed into a chain letter-type thing where you were to add and subtract names.

I don't know if you were supposed to send money. I didn't actually read the thing---I only scrolled to see how long it was, and some of it caught my eye on the way down the page. It was destined for deleting as soon as I could get to the administrative area.

The Greenspun boards offer moderators a convenient way to let people know their posts have been deleted, if the moderator chooses to make the notification. It's a form letter that includes the text of the post, with space at the top for the moderator to explain why the post has been deleted. I chose not to use the form, nor to otherwise let the idiot know what had happened to the post.

But it might have been amusing to do exactly that. Something along the lines of: "Your post has been deleted because it pissed me off. I am a cranky bitch, and I don't like spam. I particularly dislike spam that's illegal in nature, as yours appears to be."

Of course, to get the notion across, I would have had to send the thing sixty times.

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