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July 6, 2001

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Quiet Friday

I continue to wonder about the people who come to this site following some weird referrer question---but I am pleased to announce that if you are in the Czech Republic and search on Google for "Becky," I come up fifth on the list. Hey---top ten is top ten! Now to go add some interesting words to the pages of my Rebeccaworks and Counsel Giver sites...

I found a site today that it finally dawned on me to look for...and I'm happy to tell any who don't know that Tom Snyder has a website. And that pleases me a great deal, because I'm a long-time fan of his. I hated it when he retired from "The Late, Late Show" a couple of years ago. But it's okay now, since he writes the way he speaks, and the site seems to be updated several times a month. And I'll let him explain what's a colortini. Oh---that's the non-Flash version of the site; if you want the other, drop the part of the URL after "com."

In an update on little-kids-here, there's one who amuses me more than the others do. It's a little girl, who is an aspiring marching band member. I can't decide from watching her whether she wants to be an instrumentalist or a majorette. Either way, she practices her marching while singing some wordless bit. The rhythm is good. And the music isn't bad, either.

Well, that's about it for a quiet Friday. Hope your weekend goes well.

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