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July 2, 2001

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The New Site

The new business site is up, and I invite you to check it out. It's Counsel Giver, and as I've said, the emphasis is on common-sense advice.

If you want to know how it came to be, you can find answers to that on the about page. You will find a list of essays on the site, many of which are reprinted from this site, with the additions of essays by David and Patrick that are reprinted from their sites by permission (and if you haven't read those two, please take the time to do so).

You will find a page listing pamphlets for sale. I'm very pleased that Saundra revised her excellent advice on sex to be used as a pamphlet. The other pamphlet currently available is one I wrote, mainly out of frustration, during the time my mother was in a nursing home. It's on the ins-and-outs of visiting patients.

And you'll also find the page explaining how to seek private advice.

Please go check out my new project, and please share the Counsel Giver URL with your friends.

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