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July 1, 2001

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Excitement for the Day

Okay, I know you come here to read about the excitement in my life---so here's today's installment. You may remember that my computer's display drivers were somehow eaten alive by the evil ISP. Well, the fix I did at the time was never quite as stable as the original drivers had been, even though the fix was a reinstalling of the original. So this morning, when I was less than happy with the display. I went to the driver manufacturer's website to see about getting fresh drivers, preferably with an update.

And you would have thought I was asking for the keys to the next spaceship. First I had to wait while an excruciatingly slow flash introduction wore itself out. Okay, so they weren't thoughtful enough to let me skip it. At least at that point, I should have been able to find what I was after, right?

Well, only if I didn't mind touring some figurative mazes. I wound up using the sitemap link. And trust me when I say I have never seen a site more in need of a map. Finally, after scrolling through every other thing the company offered, and probably the cafeteria lunch menu as well, I got to the right spot on the page.

I clicked on the link. And the next page I came to informed me that the drivers for my computer had indeed been updated, but I would need to go to the computer manufacturer's site to get them, since the drivers were specifically made for that company (the drivers work in several of the company's machines).

Ohhkay. Did they provide a link? Nope. That would have saved me a few seconds, but hey. I got to the computer company's website and didn't have much trouble at all getting to the download link I needed. But I realized I was in for a wait---the zipped file was huge.

So I settled in to wait for the download so I could do the install. I wrote a friend during the download time, and did a few other things that allowed me to keep watch on the progress. I thought about taking a nap.....

Then, at last, it was time to do the install. This is another one of those things that wants to take over the whole computer when you're installing, but it made sense that this one wanted the whole display area. So I was happy to just let it take over and do its thing. It didn't ask me to make too many decisions; it didn't threaten to hold my computer hostage, and it didn't stop in mid-install to tell me it wanted some other program before it would deign to run.

So I can't complain about the install part at all. And yes, it has been nice having the new drivers to play with the rest of the day. Kept me from doing all sorts of things I could have been doing, like dishes.

And that was the excitement for today. Stay tuned!

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