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June 30, 2001

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Saturday Odds and Ends

There's a small drawback to working on a laptop computer in summer---the heat. I wind up fanning myself and the computer. But on the plus side, of course, is that in the winter it provides some extra heat without raising the thermostat setting.

And I do love using laptops. It's nice to be able to work wherever the notion strikes me. Or websurf, or play games. I've done some of all three things today, incidentally. Although I try very hard not to do client work on weekends, that rule never did apply to work I was doing for myself.

And of course, there was the ever-present spam to play around with. The people who want me to hire them to do flash for my sites have apparently decided I'm a lost cause; I haven't heard from them in a while. Today's batch just wanted me to buy things. And cure all my sexual problems. Oddly, the only sexual problem I seem to have is a lack of partner. I don't get spam about that, dammit.

One thing I remembered to do: I got in touch with Jared to ask about the status of "Under a Mountain," and I am pleased to tell you it will be back soon. He's changing domains, and will let us know when he's back online.

Hope you're having pleasant weekends.

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