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June 29, 2001

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Money and Me

I'm tired of being in debt. I have been for the last five years, ever since Mother died. And the two of us were, up to a point, before she died. The time she spent in a nursing home was the prevailing factor in this. It is hard not to get more depressed each time I make a payment---because I realize how much more debt there is.

During the time she was in the nursing home, I was doing a minimal amount of freelance work. I was also trying to clean out the house, and deal with the asininity at the nursing home itself. There was a ton of that, and I will talk about it another time.

After I got her out of there and into a rest home, things got better. There wasn't the asininity to deal with, for one thing. The people at the rest home were wonderful, to me and to her. And the quality of the medical care she received was uncountable times better.

While she was in the rest home, I went to work part-time for the law firm. I loved that job. The people with whom I was working made me feel that what I was doing there was important. And in ways I won't try to explain right now, it was the most spiritually satisfying place I ever worked. I don't know that I ever told Wendy that (she's the firm's legal assistant). But it's true.

While I was working there, I continued to do freelance work. And when the firm decided it needed someone to do the secretarial work full-time, I knew I was not the person to do the job. I didn't want to give up my freelance clients (and that thing about there only being twenty-four hours in a day meant I wouldn't have had time to do the freelance work). So I decided to go full-time freelance.

Of course, there was that little bit of scheduled work with the extremely-part-time job (eight hours a week), that ended a few months after it started. But for the most part, it's been me on my own for the last couple of years. And I love being able to work from home, but I need to figure out some things to keep the coffers a bit fuller.

I have some craft ideas in the works, for the fall crafts fair---keep an eye on the Rebeccaworks website for updates on that. And slowly but surely, my name is getting to be more widely known in business circles, for proofreading and such.

And something else I'm planning is a second business website, which I've mentioned a few times. Watch this space for the announcement of the launch, coming very soon. That has been put on hold a bit since I first got the idea, since it required a lot of thought and I needed to take care of the current client work first. And for that site in particular, it was especially important to do it right.

And I'm stubborn, which I believe will work in my favor.

At any rate, wish me luck, please.

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