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June 18, 2001

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Just Concern

Watching the traffic on the crafters' mailing list for the past few days has been an interesting, and in some ways uplifting, experience. Someone who provides services to quite a few members of the group has had some business problems develop, and there was a lot of speculation about bankruptcy, etc. Apparently it will be a while before the truth is out in terms of whether or not there will be money lost on this one.

I'm merely a bystander in this. I'm glad, frankly (and admittedly self-centeredly), since even if no one loses a cent, I don't need something else to worry over. I'm not naming names. All the clients or customers of the man have been notified of the troubles. This was a business-to-business situation.

What has been interesting to see is the reaction of the people on the list who were involved. Many of them were pondering what their next moves should be, discussing options, and so forth. One woman who knew answers to a few specific questions was able to provide some reassurance (this had to do with moving some websites he was hosting). And several other people offered concrete advice about specific things that had been asked about making changes to sites.

But at no point was there nastiness. Just concern.

And that was lovely.

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