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June 14, 2001

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I've recently started keeping track of how people get to this site. And it's fascinating to see. Those of you who have your own sites already know this sort of thing, probably. But this is new to me, so indulge me, okay?

Although I deeply appreciate the links from other sites, that's not what I'm thinking about today. I'm thinking about search engine traffic. It's been amusing, to say the least, to see what terms bring people to me.

My favorite so far: someone typed "I Hate (my name)" into a search. I was very perturbed by that one until I found out there is a song by that name. Although I put the phrase in quotation marks (and left out the name, since I'm not trying to get more hits on that, thanks), the person doing the search had not, so how my site came up was that all three words were on a page. I had written an entry that had a sentence about hating something---probably onions; I don't recall at the moment. So you get all three words, separately, but in the right order---look at the copyright notice.

A few times now, I've seen hits from people searching for "Sunbird Airlines," a company that figured into two entries I wrote before Christmas. I'm not at all sure I had what the searcher(s) wanted.

There have also been a few hits from a search on "Becky." That makes some sense...but if I were looking for this site, and found it, I do believe I'd bookmark it or write down the URL.

Over the months of writing these entries, I have made a couple of mentions about porn sites, one of which had in it a phrase about starting one --- as in I had joked about it, but hadn't planned to start one by doing an entry on pantyhose. Well, someone came to me after searching the phrase, "how to start ..." I'm stopping there!

I suspect the person who came to me looking for info on starting a you-know-what site did not find the information useful at all! And in case that person comes back, all I'll say is that I probably won't put that information in a journal entry.

But it boggles my mind that people will follow links like that, that obviously are not what they want. When I followed the referring links back to the search engine, I could see how much information from this site was present, and it obviously not chock full of directions. Or chock full of song lyrics, either, going back to the first one noted.

However, I welcome all who have reached here looking for something else. Stick around---you never know what I might tell you!

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