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June 13, 2001

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Life on a Wednesday

It's plain old life on a Wednesday. It's a nap that lasted long enough, and rain that won't cause flooding. It's a day to tinker and ponder, sometimes at the same time.

I have done some tinkering with the Rebeccaworks site today. Among other things, I fixed an alt tag for one of the pictures. The one that was there was for a picture I decided not to use at the last minute. It was for the same style baby blanket, but in a different color. I hope no one got too confused if they saw the tag and the picture.

And I did some more tinkering, with my e-mail folders. I needed to divide them a bit more, to more accurately reflect the contents. This may sound boring, but I actually enjoyed it. Although my apartment's cluttered state at the moment doesn't reflect this, I truly do like organization.

I do things like sort the mail folders when I'm trying to think through something else. If I don't get through with the pondering while doing this sort of chore, then I ponder and play solitaire or something else that doesn't require my full attention.

And today I needed to ponder some business things, and make some summer plans, because it's here already. I'm not talking about major vacationing---can't afford it right now, and don't really have the desire. But I do want to realize it's summer and act accordingly before early September.

Tinkering, pondering, napping, and not too much rain. All in all, a pleasant day.

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