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June 7, 2001

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First of all, if you're the list owner of a mailing list to which I subscribe and have received a bounce on me, it was due to a mail server having a very bad day or so. I know some people don't care who subscribes or unsubscribes to mailing lists, but some do, and I don't want anyone thinking I've unsubbed.

Wendy will be having LASIK tomorrow morning, and has left me several entries of hers to load so that she can tell you more about the dogs (and cats) in her life, and how Robbie came to live with her. I didn't know some of the dogs, but I was particularly close to Misty. I'll tell you some of my Misty tales another time. For now, you can go read about some wonderful dogs, a couple of cats, and their people. I'm fond of the people, too, by the way. I do know all of them. And you can send Wendy good wishes.

I'm happy to tell you that Rishara is posting regularly now that she's out of school for the summer. Go catch up, and hear about her summer job.

Something else I'm happy about is that Patrick is also back to a regular updating schedule. I had missed his take on things. He's also done a site redesign that's quite attractive.

I'm off to get caught up on some reading...

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