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June 6, 2001

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Change is Good

For someone who resists change, I seem to be doing a whole lot of it lately. One of the more major changes is to a new ISP. This has been in the works for a while; I did some investigating and am pretty sure I've found the right one.

If I hadn't been planning to change, however, I would have probably made the decision after an experience last night. This was the last straw with the old ISP. I was minding my business and doing what the ISP told me was the correct thing to do to accomplish a minor change. A reboot was required in order for the change to become effective.

And the next thing I knew, my display drivers were gone. I got an error message announcing this, and very little else. I was presented with a "desktop" in the center of the screen area, that was about five by seven inches. The rest was black. Only because I have some computing years under my belt did I not panic--that and knowing I had another computer ready to go if need be.

I probably could have called customer support (the computer's, not the ISP's), but I was pretty sure they would tell me to reinstall the drivers from the CD that was supplied. So that's what I did, but it did take a couple of rounds of install-this-check-that to make sure I did it right. All accompanied, of course, by some very colorful vocabulary.

I've spent some of today doing what I would have done last night if I hadn't spent the evening in computer hell. And realizing that sometimes change is absolutely good.

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