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June 5, 2001

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For Real?

One of the first things I ran into in my inbox today was e-mail that contained this link. It's to a column by Jon Carroll. I read the thing several times before I sent e-mail to him.

When I was reading, I wondered if it was supposed to be satire, but I took it seriously and answered it as such. If he comes out with a huge laugh in his next column, I will take my lumps, but I will not have been the only one who took him seriously. I got e-mail from several other people during the day, expressing their dismay at his column.

When I wrote, I told him I was surprised that he didn't understand what the harm was to the Kaycee hoax. I told him the seriously condensed version of what I thought was the harm, and why I got involved in breaking the hoax. And I sent him a link to my May 23 entry, if he wanted to know more of my thoughts (that one has a link back to the May 20 naming-of-names piece). I'm not holding my breath till his response arrives, by the way.

And I couldn't resist answering his question about people not telling the truth when applying for jobs---I told him quite honestly that I have never lied about job credentials.

For some reason that question, with its broad-brush guilty verdict, flew all over me on its own.

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