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June 4, 2001

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Monday Notes

Many years ago tonight was my graduation from high school. I'm not sure why the date sticks in my mind, except I have a pretty good memory. Mainly I remember being glad to be through with high school!

I've already told you that I don't have many good memories of high school. Based on that, you're probably not going to be surprised to learn that I didn't go back to the one reunion the class had. Apparently I'm not the only graduate in that class who doesn't care all that much for having a get-together; to the best of my knowledge there aren't reunion plans in the offing.

Off that and onto something I'm delighted to be able to tell you: one of my favorite journals is back on the active list! Jason has started writing entries again. I will admit that I am among those who sent word to him through Saundra that I missed his journal. Oh--in case you don't know, they're married.

Jason was on the list of people I wanted to link to last year, but since I was making the requests basically in the order in which I heard about the journals, it worked out that he stopped writing about the time I was getting ready to ask his permission. But I'll give myself credit for thinking ahead on this one. I wrote him to say I would miss his journal, and asked permission for the link if or when he started writing again. He said yes, and I remembered. I was also smart enough to keep the bookmark handy---so when he started writing again, I didn't even have to ask Saundra how to find the site. The new entries start here.

In the part of my life that isn't devoted to some aspect of online journals, I'm making plans for a couple of new crochet items for Rebeccaworks, for inclusion in an upcoming fall and holiday online crafts fair. And I'm working on several other non-crochet projects. Occasionally I stop to eat, sleep, bathe, etc. I vaguely remember sleeping, too.....

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