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June 2, 2001

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Saturday Play

Today has been a good day to play Snood. Not that any day isn't a good day for that pastime, of course. This day, though, the game was just what I needed. I didn't break any scoring record; in fact I lost at least as many games as I won. Nonetheless, it was a good day to think about nothing much more challenging than whether or not I could send the colorful little Snoods off the board.

It has been a tiring week, for a lot of reasons. And today my tolerance for things that annoy me has been almost nonexistent. I have had to be very careful not to suggest capital punishment for trivial infractions.

You know trivial infractions, right? Like the other-end-of-the building neighbors inviting guests over and sending all the children, resident and guest, up to this end of the building to play. The parents were seated in peace on the porch; they could keep an eye on the kids, but didn't have to listen to all the squeals and commotion. Unlike earlier this year, my inner child was not in the mood to go join in the squealing today. My inner grown-up just wanted the kids to be quieter.

There were a couple of major irritations today, too; both involving people trying to second-guess me. I used up my daily allotment of polite on them. Upon realizing that, I decided Snood was the safest course of action.

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