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May 30, 2001

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Not a Good Wednesday

You don't usually hear much about a day in Beckyland. But tonight I'm tired and sneezy (hello allergy), and cranky enough to tell you it has not been a good day.

I spent more time than it should have taken changing my e-mail address on several mailing lists this morning, because I want to have all these lists feeding into the same e-mail address. It should have been simple. It was not. This wasn't yahoo groups, by the way.

The last of that got done and I went out to get the mail. Which is when the sneezing started. Apparently the crew mowing grass this morning set off pollen bombs for amusement. Of course, all that was in the box was bills. Not even a sales brochure was there to interrupt the series.

But that's okay; I checked e-mail for my daily dose of spam, and was not disappointed. There was personal spam (bad jokes, forwarded), and business spam (no, thanks, not interested in your money-making secret that will cost me $34.95).

At least my computer's delete key was working admirably.

Enough of this. I'm going to bed.

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