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May 18, 2001

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Silent Witness

Sometimes the best thing one can do is bear silent witness. And whether or not I like it, at this point, I'm in a position of needing to do just that.

There are some horrible, ugly things going on. I have written about this before, in February and again late last month. I have refrained from being more specific, in part to avoid what would be a nuisance lawsuit, and in part out of respect for a couple of my friends.

No, my friends are certainly not responsible for the horrible, ugly things. If they were, I would have called them out, and publicly humiliated them, since this is so offensive to me. But they believe in the truth of the things, which I do not. And that is why I have maintained my silence.

I can't prove my ever-growing suspicions. I can only dig through a few more layers of the sediment out there, in hopes of arriving at a layer of truth. A layer so pure it radiates, and can't be mistaken for anything but the truth.

And rest assured that I am digging.

I am not alone in my quest to find the truth here. Other people are searching through the dark and murky layers of slime and deception. We have all found things that lead us wholeheartedly to believe that we are on the right path.

At the very least, we are utterly sure our motives are pure, and that we will not call something truth if it is not.

Which is a lot, come to think of it.

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