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May 13, 2001

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There are days when I have really good things to tell you. This is one of them.

In order of appearance, there are two new journals on board. One is by a new journaller; one by a returning one. Both are writers whose work I enjoy reading. Both have a great deal of insight to share.

The first of those new journals is by my friend, Wendy. I've been urging her to start a journal since late last summer. She said she would when she had time; the time has arrived, and it's my pleasure to introduce you to her journal, The Dragon's Lair. She asked me to keep it to myself till she had a few entries under her belt, and decided what sort of update schedule she would try keeping. But now she's ready to go public, and it is with great pleasure that I tell you the news.

In real life, I have known Wendy for over twenty years, and consider her to be a close friend. I can tell you she's one of the kindest people around here. There have been moments in my life that have gone ever so much more easily because Wendy has been part of them---not the least of them being all the time during my mother's last illness and death. Wendy has made appearances in these entries often, and has added to the comments on the message board. I'm sure you'll enjoy reading what she has to say.

The other new journal is by Sandy, formerly of Dirt Road Ramblin'. I haven't met Sandy in real life yet, but I have come to know her as a friend. Her former journal ended when she changed ISPs earlier in the spring. Unfortunately, on April 10 Sandy's oldest son, Jason, died. This new journal, A Circle of Quiet, will explore some aspects of grief, but in the midst of the sadness, there is joy. It is a rare privilege to be invited on this journey.

It was Sandy's decision to make this journal public on Mother's Day, to honor Jason's memory and to celebrate her two surviving sons. I find that to be meet, right, and salutary.

Go see what my friends have to say.

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